Our Story

I began researching and making pizza after moving out west from Chicago in 1986. This research may or may not have included corporate espionage (Dumpster Diving). Premium Wisconsin Mozzarella, pizza dough from scratch, and Italian sausage from the family sausage maker that supplied many of the original famous Chicago pizzerias, these are just a few examples of my commitment to quality and authenticity. 15 years of research and thousands of home baked pizzas later, I opened my first Chicago Fire restaurant in Historic Folsom. A lot has changed in 18 years, but we still make our doughs, sauces, croutons, beef roasts, and dressings from scratch, every day. My discriminating taste and willingness to commit to the best quality ingredients has transferred over from my original pizza recipes to our entire menu of wings, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pastas. It’s not just meats and cheeses that make a difference, the simplest ingredients can make or break a recipe, especially if the selection criteria is solely cost.There is not a recipe or ingredient used by Chicago Fire that I have not personally chosen. With the rising costs of labor and ingredients, it takes more conviction than ever to stick with the original blueprint for Chicago Fire. However, I believe my commitment to doing so is what sets Chicago Fire apart from the rest. This restaurant is my passion and I take great pride in it. Thank you for choosing Chicago Fire, it is my hope and desire that you enjoy dining here as much as I do!

Eric Schnetz, Founder and CEO

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