Strong Relationships, High Standards & Good Times

As an Employer, we are committed to providing a great work environment for our staff. That is exhibited by our common sense policies, respect for and trust in our employees & our intent to accommodate their ever-changing needs. In exchange for these considerations, we expect from our staff professionalism, top job performance, teamwork & commitment to quality and excellence.


Roberta Jones
General Manager, Palladio

“What I appreciate most about working at Chicago Fire is the family of employees that we have created over the years. The appreciation of one’s commitment to Chicago Fire comes from the top and trickles down to the employees. When you are part of a family you feel the love and the love exudes from you. There’s really no place I’d rather be”


Wyman Co
Bartender & Assistant Manager, Midtown

“I’m a bartender at J Street and also one of the assistant managers. I’ve been working at Chicago Fire for 4 years. My career goals for the next few years would definitely be a GM here for the company, and down the road I would love to open up my own bar in Midtown.”


Anna Van Winkle
Server, Palladio

“I have worked for the ChiFi family for four years and have had such an amazing and rewarding time. Great company to work for and it’s so great to have a second family.”

We believe the key to running a successful concept like Chicago Fire is a foundation of healthy relationships.

Relationships that include groups like Guests, Employees & Vendors. Business success is achieved by creating and maintaining positive, win-win relationships.

Owning a business such as Chicago Fire has a very public aspect to it. Essentially, everything you do and say is an extension of our personality and philosophy. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the way Chicago Fire is operated and the company’s positive reputation.

At Chicago Fire, we value our employees and we want to help them succeed by providing them with professional training and a closely-knit support system.

We are always looking to promote from within, and we have several managers who have started from hourly positions. Working for Chicago Fire is much more than a job; it’s being a part of the Chi Fi Family. As CEO Eric Schnetz likes to say, “I gotcha, baby!” Meaning that at Chicago Fire, we look out for each other and we care about our people.