Chi Fi Pie Rewards / Benefits:

> One point per dollar spent for dine-in or takeout
> Free 100 points for joining loyalty program
> 100 points = Free dessert of your choice
> 175 points = Free wing appetizer (boneless or bone in)
> 300 points = Free small pizza
> 350 points = Free medium pizza
> 400 points = Free large pizza
> 600 points = Vintage “Chi Fi Pie” T-shirt
> 800 points = Party of Four (Includes: Pizza, salad, wings, dessert)
> Free Deep Dish Delight during your birthday month

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Chi Fi Pie Rewards?

Chi Fi Pie Rewards is Chicago Fire’s loyalty program designed to show appreciation for our loyal guests. Each time you make a purchase at any of our locations, you will be awarded one (1) reward point for every dollar spent. This is a self reward program that has a variety of rewards available depending on your accumulated points (see above). With a self reward program, rewards are not automatically applied. As a loyalty member, you will also be the first to receive special promotions!

Do all purchases count towards earning reward points?

No. The following do not apply toward earning reward points: Gift card purchases, sales associated coupons/vouchers, the Chicago Fire I Gotcha Baby or Our Mistake Cards, and Gift Catalog purchases.

How do I sign up or register for the Chi Fi Pie Rewards Program?

Go HERE and click on Create an Account to begin filling out the registration fields. Once you have registered for your account, you can begin to earn credit by giving the server your phone number.

You can also download and sign up via our app (Apple or Android).

How do I sign up for the birthday reward?

You need to input their date of birth when registering. A reward for a free Deep Dish Delight will automatically upload to your account at the beginning of their birthday month. An email will also be sent out to registered members to let them know that their birthday reward is uploaded and waiting to be used. If reward is not redeemed within their birthday month, it will go away.

Can I earn credit for orders placed via the online ordering system?

Yes. Whether you’re using the mobile app or online ordering site, reward points will automatically upload to your accounts after the payment portion of the transaction has been completed. Make sure you log in under the Chi Fi Pie (Paytronix) login when ordering online to ensure you get your points!

Can I earn credit or redeem my reward in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, or promotions?

No, you cannot earn rewards or redeem when using other discounts or promotional offers.

Do I earn points for the purchase of gift cards?

No. You cannot earn points for the purchase of gift cards.

How can I track my rewards / reward points?

When you provide your phone number and make a purchase at participating Chicago Fire locations, your points will automatically be tracked.

You may also use the Chicago Fire mobile app (available at the Apple and Google Play Stores) or the online guest website to track your reward points and/or cash in points towards available rewards.

What if I don't see the points on my account after I login online?

Make sure you are checking the Chi Fi Pie Rewards page and NOT the Catering or Gift login page. The Chi Fi Pie Rewards login page can be found here: LOGIN HERE.

How do I redeem my rewards once I have earned them?

You will either login HERE or through the Chicago Fire app and cash in your earned points for rewards that fit the points they have at the moment. You will then go into the restaurant or online and order the reward you purchased on your rewards account. The discount can be applied at checkout. Your server or bartender will see your reward and can apply it per your direction.

Do rewards have an expiration date?

Yes. Once a reward has been purchased with points, rewards have a 90 day expiration date. The birthday reward will expire if not used in the given month that they are uploaded to your account.

Do redeemed rewards count as points towards rewards?

No. Redeemed rewards do not count as points toward rewards.

How will my 360 reward points transfer to the new self-reward program?

All current points below 360 will transfer over as a regular 1 for 1 points that can be cashed in toward available rewards. In the case of any queued $30 discounts, 360 points will be added to your reward wallet for each queued $30 discount.

How do you use the personally identifiable information I provide when I register for the ChiFi Pie Rewards Program?

We will never sell your personally identifiable information. Please review our Privacy Policy to see how we use the personally identifiable information you provide when registering the program.