Chi Fi Pie Rewards / Benefits:

> One point per dollar spent for dine-in or takeout
> 50 Bonus points awarded upon signing up
> Every 100 points = $5 Discount Certificate
> Free Deep Dish Delight during your birthday month

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Chi Fi Pie Rewards?

Chi Fi Pie Rewards is Chicago Fire’s loyalty program designed to show appreciation for our loyal guests. Each time you make a purchase online or at any of our Chicago Fire locations, you will be awarded one (1) reward point for every dollar spent. As a loyalty member, you will also be the first to receive special promotions!

Do all purchases count towards earning reward points?

No. The following do not apply toward earning reward points: alcohol sales, gift card purchases, gratuities and sales associated with coupons/vouchers.

*Reward points cannot be used toward these purchases.

How do I sign up or register for the Chi Fi Pie Rewards Program?

Website: Visit, click on Chi Fi Pie Rewards or go to, enter your email address and you are signed up! You will receive a welcome email from Chicago Fire with a link to add your birthday and view loyalty transactions.

Can I earn credit for orders placed via the online ordering system?

Yes. Whether you’re using the Toast Take out app or online ordering site, reward points will automatically upload to your accounts after the payment portion of the transaction has been completed. Make sure you use the email associated with your rewards account when ordering online to ensure you get your points!

How do I get points for Call In or Dine In orders?

You can tell the Chicago Fire team member your name, phone number or email address to attach your purchase to your Chi Fi Pie rewards account. You can also use a screen shot of the QR code obtained from your rewards account info link:

How do I link a credit card to my rewards account?

You can link your credit card to your rewards account. This must be done in the restaurant. For take out orders, your card will be automatically linked after closing your check out at our take out register. For dine-in guests, ask your server for assistance with linking your card.

Can I earn credit or redeem my reward in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, or promotions?

No, you cannot earn rewards or redeem when using other discounts or promotional offers.

Do I earn points for the purchase of gift cards?

No. You cannot earn points for the purchase of gift cards.

Is there a Chicago Fire App?


How can I track my rewards / reward points?

Go to and use the Chi Fi Pie Rewards tab to request an email with your updated transactions and current points and or rewards balances. Or use this link:

How do I redeem my rewards once I have earned them?

Your $5 Discount Certificates will add up until you redeem them. Every time you order online or add your rewards account to a dine in order, you will be prompted to use any, part, or none of your accrued discounts. This is nice for members that prefer to “bank” their rewards to pay for a larger purchase.

Do rewards have an expiration date?

No, accrued rewards do not expire. However, from time to time when our rewards program is updated, older accounts may not be brought into the new program.

Members prior to 4-18/2023: How will my prior reward points transfer to the new program.

For existing members, we have imported existing points balances and converted them to $5 Discounts rewards for each 100 outstanding points. Make sure you use the same email address associated with your prior Chi Fi Pie rewards account when ordering online. When dining in, just provide your name, phone number or email address to your server. If your email has changed or you do not see your points when you check in, please contact our Marketing Support department at [email protected] (Note: Only members with activity within the last 14 Months were imported.)

How do you use the personally identifiable information I provide when I register for the ChiFi Pie Rewards Program?

We will never sell your personally identifiable information. Please review our Privacy Policy to see how we use the personally identifiable information you provide when registering the program.