The first Chicago Fire opened its doors in 2003 in heart of downtown Folsom. Since then, we’ve grown to five locations in the Sacramento region. Our mission is to capture the fun and enthusiasm of an authentic Chicago Deep Dish restaurant and bring it to the west coast. Every Chicago Fire restaurant offers a setting designed to make every dining occasion a family party!

I began researching and making pizza after moving out west from Chicago. Premium Wisconsin Mozzarella, separate thin and deep dish dough recipes prepared daily, and a third generation sausage purveyor from Chicago—the same sausage maker that supplied the pizzerias that made Chicago pizza famous—are just a few of the examples of my commitment to quality and authenticity.

When I opened the first Chicago Fire, I created recipes based on how great they taste, not how much time they take to prepare. There is simply no substitute for time when preparing great tasting food. That philosophy has resulted in what I refer to as an “accidental success.” It turns out, people enjoy socializing when dining out and appreciate having a little more “table time” to relax, not to mention the anticipation of that hot, crispy, buffalo wing or the cheesy, flakey, deep dish pizza made to order!

Our menu is strongly influenced by Chicago’s history and culture. Firstly, many of Chicago’s tastiest foods were created by Greek and Italian immigrants. Secondly, Chicago was once known as the pork capital of the world. Most of our sandwiches and pizzas have over a half pound of meat, staying true to portions one would expect in the Windy City. Lastly, we offer numerous “Fiery” foods such as Extra Hot Wings, The Great Chicago Fire Pizza, Spicy Italian Sausage, and of course our signature Hot Italian Beef.


Eric Schnetz – Founder & Corporate Chef


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, planning a business dinner or having a night out with family and friends, you’ll enjoy Chicago Fire’s authentic Chicago setting. Our ChiFi Family is here to serve your family. Our restaurant walls are covered in famous spots from Chicago, Wrigley field, pizzerias, the theater, take it all in while you listen to the classic tunes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the Blues Brothers.

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